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Collocated equipment is connected from the start to two electrical sockets that are also connected to two independent UPSs (source A + source B). Packages of 10U and above also included access to two A and B electric meters to see real-time electricity consumption. Each source is limited to 10A consumption.


The collocation room is equipped with three conditioners each with 80BTU power. Two conditioners operate permanently and the third one is back-up and only works in critical cases (temperature exceeds 27 degrees). The room temperature varies between 20 and 24 degrees.

Network Connectivity

Each rack cabinet is equipped with siwtch with copper ports of 1Gbps or 10Gbps. The equipment connects directly to the switch in the cabinet where the equipment is located. For collocation service, 1 copper (network) copper port with 1Gbps capacity is allocated. Additional ports of 1Gbps or 10Gbps copper or FO are additionally paid. In case it is necessary to connect equipment from other cabinets, the cross connect service is additionally paid.

Internet and IPs

The data center has a direct connection with all major Moldovan operators. It is also a direct connection with operators in Romania, Russia, USA, Germany. Internet traffic is 1Gbps regardless of direction (Moldova or other countries). The data center has its own IP subnets (one IP is allocated for the collocation service, but multiple IPs can be granted for a fee.)

DDoS protection

We have one of the best protections against DDoS attacks. The network is scanned against attacks. In case the scanner identifies a DDoS attack, the traffic is immediately analyzed and filtered so that the customer does not even notice any disturbance of the connection.

Server access and security

Access to servers is only on working days and under the supervision of data center employees. In case there is a need to do work outside the work schedule, the data center technicians must be notified at least 24 hours. Data center is video surveillance, room access is only based on access cards.

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